Oil & Gas Well Production

The Michigan Public Service Commission's (MPSC) and the Office of Geological Survey's (OGS) Michigan Oil & Gas Well Production E-file project test phase began in January 2001. During this test phase, participants are filing electronic production reports via the World Wide Web and paper copies of EQP 7101 report forms for MPSC and OGS to use for comparison purposes. Once the electronic data is smoothly importing into both agencies databases, participants who have had three successful months of E-filing will be able to stop sending paper copies. Participants file the electronic production reports at one web site and the reports are automatically forwarded to both MPSC and OGS. We are continuing to make refinements and enhancements to the Michigan Oil & Gas Well Production E-file Web site and to look for ways to streamline the administrative process.

The process for filing electronic production reports has been designed to be simple and straight forward. To file a production report, participants prepare a data file using a specified file layout, save the file in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and then upload it to the Michigan Oil & Gas Well Production E-file Web site after completing a brief file description. Files must be in CSV format for a successful upload. After the file is uploaded, it is made available to production staff at MPSC and GSD.

The User Manual also provides information on:

  • CSV data file preparation
  • Saving a file in CSV format
  • Uploading a file
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Participants must submit a signed letter of assurance agreeing to the specifics of the system's operations. Afterwards, users are assigned a user name and password to access the file upload area of the system.